Everything your team needs to start running and optimizing a Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel Campaign.

2018 Edition

This guide has the most up-to-date information and best practices on Facebook's Dynamic Ads for Travel product.  

We discuss how Dynamic Ads for Travel makes it possible for travel brands to drive bookings on Facebook and Instagram. We have included tips to help your team optimize and make the most of the retargeting solution for your brand. We also share our learnings and best practices with examples from travel brands who are achieving success with DAT.

What's in the Guide

Your Complete Guide to 

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

  • The power of using Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Step-by-step DAT campaign creation for hotels, destinations, and flights
  • Typical challenges and how to overcome them
  • Tips, insights, and best practices for optimizing your DAT campaigns

What you will learn